Acupuncture billing, Acupuncture Credentialing and EMR help acupuncturists to expand their client opportunities as they can now see more patients who want to pay through insurance. We will help you get credentialed with public and private payers, and help your practice become fully set up. Our premium acupuncture billing service eliminates the billing hassle and helps you focus on what you know how to do best – acupuncture. You are able to see more patients while we chase your payments for you.


Our dedicated billing team is highly trained and experienced to ensure promptness and 100% accuracy, and their billing is double-checked and verified by supervisors before submissions.  We will do all the follow-up and you can expect your payment from the insurance carriers within 10 – 15 days.

We provide you with our state-of-the-art medical billing software free-of-charge. The software is quite different unique it handles both the front-end actions like scheduling and patient charts, and back-end with your billing and filing claims. It can also help you with collections, point of sale tracking and extensive reporting. Our process uses an advanced method of data exchange between your medical office and our billing service computers. You can use our advanced software to manage your practice in the areas of scheduling and reports while we handle the billing functions for you!


Why Outsource!

  1. Help you focus on your patients – Our Billing Services at Delon Health gives you the substantial and quality amount of time needed by you to spend with your respective patients, while also helping you maintain the same patient volume and potentially increasing your income at the same time. This implies that when you Outsource to us at Delon Health, you have the much needed freedom to focus completely on your work without having to think or worry about the administrative functions attached. This goes a long way in helping you increase your service delivery which is to the delight of your patients.
  2. Getting Paid Faster- Your cash flow is key and we basically understand this at Delon Health and we are more than focused to helping you achieve this. Your days in AR or revenue cycle time has significant impact. Outsourcing your medical billing, claims are submitted faster, with fewer errors, so you receive from payers quicker
  3. Compliance- At Delon Health, we help you to stay complaint with insurance companies. Doing this on your own can be very hectic considering the importance and amount of time you dedicate to your patients. Medical billings companies mist stay up to date with the latest healthcare changes; keeping the practices complaint at all times.
  4. Patient Satisfaction- This is what we do best, at Delon Health; we help our client focus more on their work which in the long run help them achieve a good level of patient satisfaction. The key to keeping existing patients and expanding your patient base is when you can boost of having a good level of patient satisfaction. When you have this, it increases your patient flow. With Delon Health your patients will be happy to be receiving professional assistance for their billing questions and issues
  5. Cost Effective- When you employ our services at Delon Health, you get to save thousands of dollars in hardware, staff, time and stress. This is because we know what it takes, we have what it takes to do the needful to give you the desired results.


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