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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. Decades ago, independent medical practices or healthcare providers didn’t have to promote their businesses. They relied on word of mouth and except in certain rural areas, many healthcare providers usually had enough patients to keep their businesses profitable. 


But within the last decade or so, many independent medical practices in the United States have struggled to survive. The big hospitals acquired several small practices, and grew significantly while the smaller independent practices struggled to stay profitable. In order to survive at these trying times, one of the ways independent medical practices can grow their businesses and stay profitable is to grow their customer base. With the advent of web and mobile technologies, independent doctors and healthcare providers now have to find ways to efficiently utilize digital marketing without spending too much.


Digital Marketing for Medical Practices, Doctors & Healthcare Providers


Digital marketing includes website design and development, SEO, google ads, facebook ads, linkedin ads, online ads on other search engines aside google, online ads on 3rd party websites and mobile apps, and so on. I have included website design and development because this is the building block of any type of digital marketing activity you decide to embark upon. All your social media ads and SEO work will land the customer on your website page. And if you do not have a good website, prospective customers can be discouraged. No matter how greatly skilled you are as a healthcare provider, many of your new patients today prefer to see a nice website that promotes your work.


Social media ads are great, but they require a regular monthly expense from you in order to remain productive. But a good SEO work for about 6 to 12 months might be enough to keep getting you new customers for the next few years. It creates much more lasting results than social media ads. It is also significantly cheaper and the ROI is potentially greater at the end of a 12 month period.


Growing your medical practice


Because Delon Health is fundamentally focused on helping solo and small group practices survive and grow, we offer affordable medical SEO solutions specially tailored to the independent practices. If you do not have a great website, we can help you upgrade at little or zero cost, and we can in fact provide free hosting package to you if we are also contracted to provide medical billing services


Through our premium medical SEO services for doctors and other healthcare providers, your practice can experience a significant revenue increase through new customers. Since our core objective is to help you grow your business, our healthcare SEO complements our medical billing services that is focused on helping you improve cash flow and increase collections. As your collections and customers increase, your income is boosted and your business becomes a lot more profitable. 


Healthcare SEO Services


Regarding our medical SEO services to medical practices in Massachusetts, Texas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Wyoming, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Connecticut, our objective is to help you get your practice to google page 1 within the shortest possible time and at affordable rates.


In your area of specialization, you may be the best doctor in your community, city or even your state. You may have successfully relied on ‘word-of-month’ strategies in the past as the only way of getting customers. But in today’s world where independent medical practices are facing significant business challenges, you have to work hard to become more visible on the internet without paying high prices for advert.


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Traditional advertising and digital marketing eventually cost a lot more than SEO because you have to continue the service for as long as you want it to work for you. If your SEO is done properly, you would not need to keep paying forever. A good SEO company will provide you with tips on how to maintain and improve your ranking without coming back to the SEO company. This is the biggest value we offer, as we always want you to spend a minimal budget.


Affordable SEO Services for Doctors


Though our core business focuses mostly on medical practices, our team has helped several small businesses get their websites to google page 1, and we really enjoy helping them achieve this with minimal budget. Our SEO optimization strategies are also consistent with white hat SEO practices. We will perform site audit and recommendations, keyword research, onpage optimization, competitor analysis, and offpage optimization. Our keyword research includes organic keywords and adwords keywords.


If you have an existing website, we can help correct technical problems on the website and fix all onpage SEO issues, and execute effective offpage SEO strategies to help you rank on google first page. Our SEO services will make your business more visible to your prospective customers based on your specific target market.




Websites for Doctors, Medical Practices & Healthcare Providers


Like I mentioned earlier, a quality website is very fundamental to digital marketing. A great SEO work without a good website is a waste of time and money. For some of our customers, we are able to provide a top quality website upgrade or fresh development at zero cost if contracted to provide other monthly services that will last up to 1 year.



For customers who do not need SEO or billing services, we can also provide a top quality website design that can attract more customers to them. A website today is like a beautiful sign-board that companies used decades ago to promote their businesses to passers-by. Today, an attractive website may be that sales trigger that can grow your customer base by over 20%. Contact us today to provide quality website development and maintenance service to your practice.


Our services also include web content development for those practices that are too busy to develop quality contents for their websites and social media. We will work diligently with you to outrank your competition and get your website to the first page of search engines within the shortest possible time.



Google Ads for Doctors, Medical Practices & Healthcare Providers


In addition to the high quality medical SEO services described, we can also help you set up and manage your google ads in order to ensure a good return on investment.  You can set your google ads by yourself but you save a lot of time and money when you outsource this to an experienced company like us. We will use all the right tools to ensure your advert works and gets you customers.