Our dental medical billing service helps you begin saving, making more profit and delivering better healthcare to your patients the moment you outsource your dental billing to us! Our dedicated dental insurance billing team is highly trained and experienced to ensure promptness and 100% accuracy, and their billing is double-checked and verified by supervisors before submissions.  We will do all the follow-up and you can expect your payment from the insurance carriers within 10 – 15 days.

Every dentist or dental center that gets billing service from us gets our state-of-the-art dental billing software free-of-charge. Our software is also very different because it handles both the front-end actions like scheduling and patient charts, and back-end with your billing and filing claims. It can also help you with collections, point of sale tracking and extensive reporting. Our process uses an advanced method of data exchange between your medical office and our billing service computers. You can use our advanced software to manage your practice in the areas of scheduling and reports while we handle the dental billing functions for you!

We will also help to include xray pictures and all required documentation to fast track your payment process. We can offer dental billing service to dentists across the entire United States, especially Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Idaho, South Dakota, Wyoming, Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Mississippi, North Dakota, Alaska, Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota

We can handle primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance claims. Providers are also able to remotely view status of claims from their offices. We provide discounts when customers purchase this service alongside EHR/EMR Software, Practice Management, Well-Care Services, Electronic Fund Transfer, Medical Transcription, Physician Credentialing, and Document Management. Above all, we provide 24-hour customer service and you will never have to drop a voicemail because an agent will always be available to pick all customer calls.

Below is a list of what you get from us immediately we begin service with your practice:

  • Free Practice Management Software Access (a $5,000 value)
  • Claim generation and processing
  • Primary claim filing within 24 to 72 hours of the patient visit/receipt of claim information
  • Denial management services
  • Re-submittal of denied claims within 24 to 72 business hours after conclusion with provider
  • Prior Authorization
  • Patient Bill Creation and Mailing
  • Checking for Patient Eligibility on Payer Portal before their appointments
  • Secondary insurance claim processing (when applicable)
  • Payment posting
  • Monthly ERAs
  • Compliance with ever-changing regulations
  • Registration and Transaction Fees with Clearing House
  • Customer Data Entry
  • Free social media updates for qualifying clients
  • Subsidized website upgrade for qualifying clients

We offer this service across all 50 states, including:

Dental Billing Massachusetts
Dental Billing Rhode Island
Dental Billing Connecticut
Dental Billing Idaho
Dental Billing South Dakota
Dental Billing Wyoming
Dental Billing Arkansas
Dental Billing Alabama
Dental Billing Wisconsin
Dental Billing Mississippi
Dental Billing North Dakota
Dental Billing Alaska
Dental Billing Indiana
Dental Billing Iowa
Dental Billing Minnesota
Dental Billing Attleboro, MA
Dental Billing New Bedford, MA
Dental Billing Canton, MA