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Are you worried about the challenging task of mental health billing? Is your organization undergoing a significant drop in the ROI and experiencing delays or lesser reimbursement? If yes, you must consider overhauling your in-house billing process and outsource mental health billing services to an expert medical billing company like Delon Health.


Delon Health is a leading provider of mental health billing services in the United States of America.. We have a dedicated team of behavioral health billing experts who understand the accountability of the medical billing and can deliver 100% result. Our mental health billing service in Massachusetts also provides local face-to-face support to many customers in the MA, RI, NH and CT region.

As a psychiatrist, mental health provider, substance abuse counselor, occupational therapist, speech therapist, and addiction specialist, you can begin saving, making more profit and delivering better healthcare to your patients the moment you outsource your mental health billing to us!  We provide psychiatrist billing, and all types of medical billing services to mental health providers.  Our dedicated mental health billing team is highly trained and experienced to ensure promptness and 100% accuracy, and their billing is double-checked and verified by supervisors before submissions.  We will do all the follow-up and you can expect your payment from the insurance carriers within 10 – 15 days.

Every customer that gets billing service from us gets our state-of-the-art medical billing software free-of-charge. Our software is also very different because it handles both the front-end actions like scheduling and patient charts, and back-end with your billing and filing claims. It can also help you with collections, point of sale tracking and extensive reporting. Our process uses an advanced method of data exchange between your medical office and our billing service computers. You can use our advanced software to manage your practice in the areas of scheduling and reports while we handle the billing functions for you!

We can handle primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance claims. Providers are also able to remotely view status of claims from their offices. We provide discounts when customers purchase this service alongside EHR/EMR Software, Practice Management, Well-Care Services, Electronic Fund Transfer, Medical Transcription, Physician Credentialing, and Document Management. Above all, we provide 24-hour customer service and you will never have to drop a voicemail because an agent will always be available to pick all customer calls.


What we do:


Psychiatry Billing

 You work in a busy practice, and you don’t have time to fight with insurers, chase down unpaid reimbursements, or navigate proper coding and billing rules. Regulatory and administrative tasks grow more burdensome each year, yet they’re a necessity to running a successful practice. Whether you’re an individual practitioner and new provider, you work as part of a group, or you manage a nonprofit, Delon Health has the experience and expertise your practice needs to better manage your psychiatric billing.

Our psychiatric medical billing service makes it easier and faster to get paid for the services you provide. Our proprietary claims process asks you to enter basic patient information, such as name, insurer and the reason for the visit. After you submit this information, we’ll take it from there.


OT Billing


Billing and coding for Occupational Therapy practices is evolving every year.


Every insurance company is different, which is why checking eligibility, submitting authorizations and documentation and adhering the correct modifiers to your patient’s claims can be a daily task that many offices struggle to learn and understand.  Delon Health and its professionally trained staff are here to help you and your office succeed in submitting your claims correctly and affordably.


Speech Therapist Billing

The speech therapy Billing is used to charge clients for private sessions with an individual who suffers from a speech impediment or one who needs assistance with the pronouncing words. The customer is typically billed upon the completion of each therapy session with the client. Group sessions are commonplace and can be billed employing this invoice as well. For group therapy, the therapist should produce separate bills unless a single party is paying for multiple individuals (e.g., a parent paying for children).


Substance Abuse Specialist Billing


Substance abuse billing is one of the major areas with which drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers struggle resulting in lost revenue and delayed payments. Many drug rehabilitation centers and behavioral health organizations are closing their doors due to rapidly changing industry laws, regulations, and insurance companies. One thing in common is poor revenue cycle management.


Substance abuse billing is different in many ways from medical billing and coding, and comes with its own set of challenges and parameters. This is why billing has to be handled in a specialized way. This is also why there is such a high value placed on partnering with a specialized substance abuse billing company rather than a standard medical billing company. This is why you should hire us at Delon Health because we are a medical billing company that handles both aspects.


Mental Health Counselor Billing

Mental health professionals often face an uphill battle when seeking reimbursement for the services they provide. The byzantine rules and regulations of the insurance industry make successfully submitting claims a difficult and frustrating process. As a result, mental health practices often only collect 85 percent of the money owed to them.


The professionals at Delon Health have  years of experience working in the mental health billing industry. We’ve helped physicians and therapists running solo operations, groups managing larger private practices, and non-profit organizations streamline their operations.


Delon Health Billings can help you smoothen out your cash flow, improve your practice’s relationships with insurers, and manage disputes, all while maximizing your revenue.


When you choose our mental health billing management software, you also won’t have to worry if our system complies with federal privacy laws.


Addiction Specialist Billing

We here at Delon Health specializes in medical billing for practitioners who administer mental health and addiction counseling. We understand that there is more to medical billing than simply listing a diagnosis code and then attaching the appropriate procedure code on a superbill.


Here are some of the benefits that we deliver to our clients:


  1. Maximize your most precious commodity . . . time.
  2. Extend the size of your staff at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Greatly reduce the amount of rejected and denied claims.
  4. File claims in a timely manner, posting payments and resolve denied claims.
  5. Offer a customized superbill to fit the needs of your practice.
  6. Create and mail monthly patient statements (optional).
  7. Initiate the debt collection process.

At Delon Health,  we have a team of mental health billing experts who have journeyed with us over the years to enable providers in the behavioral healthcare industry to focus on growing their practice. When you leave mental health billing concerns to us we justify your decision to partner with us by providing an excellent value proposition..

Listed Below is a list of what you get from us immediately we begin service with your practice:


Claims Processing

We derive information from patient encounters such as insurance information and patient demography to ensure successful documentation and if your patients have authorization before transmitting claims to the insurance provider. To ensure smooth billing we keep track of your revenue cycle, aging reports, and other KPI. We also aid in filing secondary claims and automatic crossover.


Payment Posting

Under behavioral health billing services, payment posting is a critical process where we track the invoiced payment that owed to your practice for the mental psychiatric consultation and procedure. Once we obtain the money from patients and insurers, it is posted in your medical billing system for claims reconciliation. Our payment posting solution we plugs the leak (if any) to ensure every collectible is tracked without fall out. All payment details are stored in the document management system to be retrieved for future reference.


Follow-up and Appeals

When your payment is delayed or if it lesser than the invoiced amount we follow-up with insurance providers for advice on claims status and file appeals (if required) against the short pay. We can help you stay updated at every stage of the mental health billing process so that you can worry less about getting your invoice covered.


Verification of Benefits

Before setting an appointment with the psychiatrist, we get in touch with insurance companies and present the patient portfolio to check what portion of the treatment is covered and what isn’t. The complete listicle of benefits is communicated to mental healthcare providers so that a custom healthcare plan can be designed for the patient. Details such as out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, yearly visitation limits, and authorization constraints will be communicated to the patient before they are seen.


Patient Billing

We take the responsibility to send invoices via email or direct mail. If your patient has queries related to billing and the patient account, we open our phone lines for a personalized engagement. We send routine payment reminders to late paying and non-paying patients urging them to clear the dues at a licensed collection agency referred by us under your approval.


Financial Reports

Want to know the financial health of your practice? Then you can get hold of 30+ reports on patient aging, insurance aging, routine summaries, and individual analysis report on reimbursement for various payers.


Digital Data Management

We provide this service exclusively to mental healthcare providers who wish to take a closer look at all unpaid claims, balances, and financial reports by using our system anytime, anywhere. If you have a tight schedule to skim through emails or inquire at the billing office, we can provide a secure access to our online system through which you can track all the KPI in a single view.


Practice Management Support

We offer a comprehensive solution that involves processing credit card, appointment setting, payment processing portal, sending appointment reminds, etc. We offer a range of solutions that can be customized to meet your practice’s needs.


Patient Demographic Entry

Our healthcare support executives can sort and enter all the patient demographic information into the behavioral health billing software or electronic medical record. They can also verify the patient admission forms and cross-check the data to ensure that the entered information is accurate.


Insurance Eligibility Verification

Under the billing for mental health services, insurance verification is an important step that requires a careful analysis of the patient’s insurance eligibility. Our healthcare support staffs are expert at examining the patient’s eligibility against his/her coverage benefits. A few of the services covered under our eligibility verification process are –


Insurance Document Verification

Our team can verify the documents that you send electronically and can organize in the required sequence as expected by the insurance provider.


Patient’s Coverage Verification

Our team can verify the patient’s coverage benefits against the primary and secondary payers


Medical Information Correction

Our team can follow up with the patients (or their family) in case they come across any inconsistencies or find missing details


In summary, below is a list of what you get from us immediately we begin service with your practice:

  • Free Practice Management Software Access (a $5,000 value)
  • Claim generation and processing
  • Primary claim filing within 24 to 72 hours of the patient visit/receipt of claim information
  • Denial management services
  • Re-submittal of denied claims within 24 to 72 business hours after conclusion with provider
  • Prior Authorization
  • Patient Bill Creation and Mailing
  • Checking for Patient Eligibility on Payer Portal before their appointments
  • Secondary insurance claim processing (when applicable)
  • Payment posting
  • Monthly ERAs
  • Compliance with ever-changing regulations
  • Registration and Transaction Fees with Clearing House
  • Customer Data Entry
  • Free social media updates for qualifying clients
  • Subsidized website upgrade for qualifying clients



We offer mental health billing services across many states:

Mental Health Billing Massachusetts
Mental Health Billing Rhode Island
Mental Health Billing Connecticut
Mental Health Billing Idaho
Mental Health Billing South Dakota
Mental Health Billing Wyoming
Mental Health Billing Arkansas
Mental Health Billing Alabama
Mental Health Billing Wisconsin
Mental Health Billing Mississippi
Mental Health Billing North Dakota
Mental Health Billing Alaska
Mental Health Billing Indiana
Mental Health Billing Iowa
Mental Health Billing Minnesota
Mental Health Billing Attleboro, MA
Mental Health Billing New Bedford, MA
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