Acupuncturists in Massachusetts are delighted that BCBS MA insurance and others are now paying for acupuncture services.

Our acupuncture billing and credentialing services in Massachusetts provide a fresh opportunity for providers to see more patients. You will not need to worry about the hassle of getting credentialed, billing and chasing payments. Our services help you focus on what you know how to do best – acupuncture, while we help you take care of the business side.

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Our dedicated billing team is highly trained and experienced to ensure promptness and 100% accuracy, and their billing is double-checked and verified by supervisors before submissions.  We will do all the follow-up and you can expect your payment from the insurance carriers within 10 – 15 days.

We provide you with our premium medical billing software free-of-charge. The software handles both the front-end actions like scheduling and patient charts, and back-end with your billing and filing claims. It can also help you with collections, point of sale tracking and extensive reporting.

Our process uses an advanced method of data exchange between your medical office and our billing service computers. You can use our advanced software to manage your practice in the areas of scheduling and reports while we handle the billing functions for you!

Finally, we’re part of a 25-year old franchise and you can be rest assured of getting excellent 24/7 services at all times