If you, your family member, friend or patient is spending a lot on prescription drug co-pay or doesn’t have insurance for prescription drugs, you can present the details on the card below to your local pharmacy store and save up to 80%.


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Are you getting frustrated and overwhelmed with the exorbitant cost of your prescription medications? Getting qualitative health care in our present realities might come at a great financial sacrifice.


Believe it or not, even if you have insurance, you may have other options to save on prescriptions. Consider if you could benefit from using a prescription drug discount card if your insurance doesn’t cover a certain medication or you are in a high deductible plan.


It’s no secret: Prescription discount cards are one of the many ways to help save on medications.


This is because when it comes to the rising price of prescription drugs, people are always looking for ways to save. Generic medications tend to be less expensive but your circumstances may require a brand-name drug. People who do not have insurance are at an obvious disadvantage. Even if you have insurance, you may not be able to afford your deductible or copays. This is when you might want to consider using a prescription drug discount card.


What is a pharmacy discount card?

Pharmacy discount cards have many names. They’re referred to as prescription discount cards, prescription savings cards, and pharmacy savings cards. And they’re offered by several companies including Delon Health and many other companies in the United States of America.


A pharmacy discount card is a simple tool you should be utilizing every time you pick up prescriptions. Simply put, it’s a free card that allows you to save on certain medications.


A pharmacy discount card or whatever you want to call it—is a simple tool you should be utilizing every time you pick up prescriptions. Simply put, it’s a free card that allows you to save on certain medications.


Benefits of the Prescription Discount Card

Free to use

Instant activation

Good for the whole family

Everyone qualifies

Accepted nationwide

Covers pet medication


How our Prescription Drug Discount Cards Work

Some pharmacy discount cards work by partnering with pharmacy benefit managers, also known as PBMs. At Delon Health, we cut out the middleman (so to speak) and partner directly with pharmacies which allows us to offer lower prices. We are able to be a free service to consumers because we receive a small fee from our pharmacy partners.


At Delon Health, our Prescription drug discount cards is a reasonable option, this is because they act like coupons and allow you to bypass insurance altogether. That means no deductibles. You will pay the retail price of the drug, minus the discount. In some cases, you may even get generic medications for free. 


The Delon Health Prescription Drug Discount Card enables you to receive discounted pricing on prescription drugs. This is not insurance. Rather, it is a program that offers immediate discounts on prescription drugs that are not covered under your regular insurance.  Simply present the card with your prescription at participating pharmacies.


Our Prescription discount cards can be an incredibly useful tool when trying to save on prescription medications without insurance. When using an Inside Delon Health discount card, users have saved an average of 70% savings on brand and generic prescription medications. Those savings are nothing to sneeze at, especially for times when insurance only partially covers prescriptions, requires a high deductible or doesn’t cover a prescription at all.


Your cost for medication will be the discount price offered through this program, or the pharmacy’s usual and customary retail price, whichever is lower. This means you are assured the lowest price in that store, at the time you purchase the medication. If the pharmacy’s price is lower, there is no savings or discount.


Understand Your Prescription Costs

When using the our Prescription Discount Card it is important it is important that you know the cost of the prescription that you intend to buy or purchase. This way when you do this, you do not stand the risk of having a shocker or surprise shock when you get to know the real price when you get to the pharmacy counter


Many times, you can look up which drugs are covered by your prescription drug plan’s formulary list and see what your co-payment or coinsurance will be. A formulary is a prescription drug list that shows all the medications that your plan covers. Many plans provide online resources to help you identify if the drug you were prescribed is on your plan’s formulary. Contact your plan if you have questions about your formulary. Your doctor may also know.


The bottom line is that your plan won’t cover or might not cover up for a drug or class or drugs. Par adventure you intend  to buy a drug outside the provision of your insurance, there is every probability that you may find the cost a little bit higher than when you are buying using your insurance. This can make it hard to afford some medications. When you use the Prescription Discount Card, you get to save more by paying less on purchased drugs or medications. This may also depend on the situation


If you have a high deductible, you may also be required to purchase many medications out of pocket until you reach your deductible


Furthermore, in some cases your plan might not cover a drug, medications or a class of drugs which you intend purchasing


There are many ways to research and compare drug prices. Inside Rx makes it easy to compare drug costs across pharmacies.


Prescription Discount Cards and Insurance

While you might have insurance, however there is a probability that it is cheaper to request for the actual retail price. Also in other instances your prescription might not be included in the formulary list or it might happen that you have passed or exceeded your plans maximum limit. While in other times your plan’s deductible or copay might be higher than the  actual price of the prescription


When you use a Prescription Discount Card from Delon Health, the retail price gets reduced. One of the benefits of the Delon Health Prescription Discount Card is that it’s completely free and can be easily accessed or gotten from our company. Some restrictions on discounts for certain brand medications do apply.


Also you are to bear it in mind that the Delon Health Prescription Discount Card is not insurance and cannot be used for such purpose. This means that whenever you are using a Delon Health Prescription Discount Card to pay for a medication, this payment made does not in any way apply towards your deductible, although there might be exception if your plans gives way for makes provision for that.


Furthermore you might be able to accept reimbursement by submitting your documents that’s Paper receipt to your insurance plan. In this case it is always important that you note that restrictions might apply hence you are advised to check with your insurance provider first


Where Is This Card Accepted?

Our prescription discount card is accepted at pharmacies nationwide, including major chains and independents. Delon Health has partnered with these pharmacies to provide you with the lowest possible price on your prescription drugs.



Many prescription discount cards cover FDA-approved prescription medications, but some are limited to a smaller number of drugs. Some cover over-the-counter and pet medications as well. The majority of cards cover both generic and brand name drugs.



Depending on your specific card, pharmacy, and location, savings from your prescription discount card will vary. In most cases, savings will range from 20 to 80 percent. Even $20 of savings per month adds up over time.


Is  Delon Health Prescription Discount Card just for Generic Drugs?

No, Delon Health Prescription Discount Card also offers discounts on brand-name medications, too. However, the website and app are both set up to show the prices for generic drugs first.


There’s a tab on the price results page that allows you to flip back and forth between generic and brand-name medications.


How Do I Apply for the Delon Health Prescription Discount Card ?

No enrollment or registration is required. That means you don’t have to disclose your email, phone number, Facebook account or any other personal information to get the savings.


To receive your free Delon Health prescription discount card just print it from this website, request a free card to sent to you by text message, email, or mail. Show it to your pharmacist and save. Its that simple.


Once you have your free Delon Health  prescription discount card, you should use it every time you go to the pharmacy. You can even share it with friends and family. Share the free card with anyone you know that can benefit.


The bottom line

Drugs are expensive and it seems the prices keep rising.


Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about that (besides pushing our representatives and lawmakers to do something about it), but thankfully there are things you can do to reduce your overall cost.


Take advantage of these free discount drug cards.


Talk to your pharmacy and find out if they offer pharmacy discount cards.


Ask your doctor to prescribe generic versions of your drug.