We offer full practice management that includes the following:

  • Diligently follow-up with insurance and patients
  • Post payments to insurance and patient accounts.
  • Track unpaid claims and send letters of medical necessity when necessary.
  • Provide notification regarding any “Incomplete Claims” which were unable to be processed as a result, or when additional information is required by the insurance carrier to adjudicate claims.
  • Follow up on patients’ payments and generate patient statements
  • Receive monthly and annual financial analysis and review of medical codes.
  • Process Workers Compensation, Rehab, DME Claims with attachments.
  • Provide you with comprehensive reports: We can provide you with highly detailed reports with colorful analysis charts and graphics tracking the status of every claim and showing the level of productivity of your practice.  See the examples below.
1 Claims Balances Lg
2 Graphic Diagnosis Lg
3 Graphic Payments by Insurance Lg
4 Graphic Procedures Lg
5 Graphic Year to Date by Insurance Adjustments Lg
6 Graphic Year to Date by Insurance Payments Lg
7 Graphic New Patients History Lg
8 Graphic New Patients by Insurance Lg
9 Daily Practice Statistics Lg
10 Ins Aging Page LG
11 Pat Aging Lg