We specialize in providing cost-saving medical billing services to solo and small medical practices in Massachusetts. If you haven’t yet watched our promo video yet, please kindly watch the 2-minute video below that summarizes our cost-saving services – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKmyQuvEMV4.

Our team has combined experience of over 30 years, and we provide 24/7 US-based support to all our customers.



Our services offer solo and small group independent practices like yours guaranteed cash flow improvement, zero startup cost, 24-hr US-based phone support, increased profit, improved organization and opportunity to deliver better healthcare to patients.  We’re part of a 25-year old franchise and we’re unique because unlike many billing companies like us, we also provide other complementary services (e.g. website development, hosting, upgrades and technology advisory) that can help providers lower their running costs and get more customers.  We also offer free practice management software ($5,000 value), credentialing, as well as denial and rejection management.  We don’t get paid until you get paid.


Please find below the values we offer:

  • Practice Management
  • MedOffice Practice Management Software Access (a $5,000 value) free of charge
  • Claim generation and processing

o   Primary claim filing within 48 to 72 hours of the patient visit/receipt of claim information

  • Denial management services

o   Re-submittal of denied claims within 24 to 72 business hours after conclusion with provider

  • Zero Startup Fee
  • Secondary insurance claim processing (when applicable)
  • Payment posting
  • Monthly ERAs
  • Compliance with ever-changing regulations
  • Registration and Transaction Fees with Clearing House
  • Registration for Electronic Enrollment, Eligibility Check and ERA with Payers
  • Credentialing
  • Patient Bill Creation and Mailing
  • We don’t require any minimum payment per month and we charge zero startup fee
  • We also provide discounted prices for Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Digital Marketing, Website and Patient Bill Mailing services if you need these